All Blondes Go To Heaven

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I don’t think there’s anything wrong with people loving their television series. Just as there is nothing wrong with loving books, movies exc.

Everyone needs to escape every now and then. Everyone thrives at times, in another life. Sometimes, it can make them even realize that their own isn’t so bad.

Woah. Thank you to the maker of this for bringing the symbolism of that scene to my attention. Amazing edit.

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History ain’t just history in the house of the rising son.

Love this.


History ain’t just history in the house of the rising son.

Love this.

I love you, Tara. I’ve loved you since I was sixteen.

You stayed when anyone else would’ve bailed. You’ve given me a beautiful son, taken Abel on as your own… I realized you being with me it’s not some kind of accident. It sounds crazy, but I think you were put into my life to get me out. Fifteen years ago, and now.

I’m gonna finish up with SAMCRO, then we’re gonna take our boys and we’re gonna get the hell out of here. Start fresh somewhere. Be a real family.

You didn’t get them out in time Jackson…💔

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RIP Tara. If Jax has sex with ANYONE this season I’m throwing my TV out the window.

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  • I got one more deal to lock down, and I’m good.
    I’m gonna be ready to go before you.

Should have gone when you have the chance. Now I’m going to cry.😩 I just know season 7 is going to disappoint me and justice won’t be served, but if they follow Hamlet at all, as they claim too, the right one may die after all.

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I’m very thankful that I got past that whole liberal democrat stage I was in. I look back at some of my writing, and I was so passionate, and so very naive and my ideals were far from God without my realizing it. Glad to be back on track with myself and my morals.

I still say if there was a conservative democrat candidate, like there used to be, I would vote that way. That will never happen though I’m sure.😒

I fought adult life as long as I could, but at 24, I realized that I’m finally part of it. I have a good paying job, bought a brand new car, I have money in savings and an ever climbing credit score. I’m ready and looking forward to marriage (hopefully soon!), I have committed myself to a healthy lifestyle and I’m in the best physical shape of my life.💪 I pay my own way, and don’t have to ask anyone for anything.

It’s a beautiful thing to become an adult, just as childhood and adolescence were equally beautiful. I just have to keep God first and trust in Jesus and He will guide my path through this simple, amazing life.

#newvisionnutrition “The Texan”.😍 Yesterday’s lunch! #eatcleantrainmean

#newvisionnutrition “The Texan”.😍 Yesterday’s lunch! #eatcleantrainmean